Tips for Parents With Heavy Work Travel Schedules: How Furnished Monthly Rentals Help You Keep Your Family Close

If you’ve been given a fantastic professional opportunity that involves either a significant commute or possibly relocating to a different city, then you might struggle with what it means for your family. However, relocating for work purposes won’t necessarily mean that you will no longer be able to watch your children grow up, or participate in landmark events like birthdays, holidays, or graduation. As a matter of fact, it is possible that with advanced planning and dedication, the work-life balance you have worked so hard to maintain can still be achieved, even with a new professional opportunity.

How to be Present When Work Forces You to be Away

Being on the road constantly is definitely a strain for both the parent who is traveling and the family left at home, no matter how well you address the circumstances. If you spend most of your time traveling and away from your family, your family, consequently, might not feel particularly connected to you even while you’re spending time with them. Here are a few things to consider when you’re spending time with your family.

  • Do your best to be present. It can be difficult, but try not to bring too much of your work home with you. Keep your phone turned off when spending time with your children.
  • Work on your co-parenting dynamic. All too often, the parent that is rarely around is the more exciting parent. This is because that parent doesn’t have to engage in the disciplining and effective child management that the at-home parent does. If you reappear from a long stretch at work and then suddenly become the “fun” parent, that only makes your spouse’s job more difficult. Talk to your partner and ask what role you should take on to make your partner’s job easier and how you can most effectively support each other.
  • Make your schedule clear. Make sure everyone in your family is aware of your departure dates, your arrival dates, and what your schedule will be once you’re back at home. Additionally, they should know your schedule while you’re away so that they can easily reach you.
  • Engage in open conversations with your children. Talk to your children about why you have to travel for work and why it is necessary. However, allow them to tell you about their feelings about your continual absences and lack of accessibility, and make sure that they know that those feelings are natural and OK.
  • Consider furnished monthly rentals for family trips. Your family won’t feel quite so distant from you if they are physically close in a furnished corporate rental. If your work trips tend to stretch out for several weeks or longer, consider leasing a monthly rental that’s large enough to accommodate your family on weekends for the occasional visit. This will help your children feel as though they’re more involved in your life and decisions, and not always being left behind.

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