Thinking of Signing a Short-Term Rental Lease? Here’s What to Expect

If you’re staying in a city for business purposes, personal pleasure, or just because you need temporary furnished accommodations for longer than a few weeks, you might want to consider short-term furnished housing. Short-term housing, also called corporate housing, is a great option for people who need lodgings for a longer period than a typical hotel stay. If you need temporary housing for less than a year but more than a few weeks, here’s why a short-term lease could be your best bet.

Short-term leases offer maximum flexibility.

Because short-term leases are month-to-month, you aren’t locked into an agreement for longer than your intended stay. This is highly beneficial to renters who value flexibility, and want the option of simply leaving at the end of the agreement. (Of course, the tenant also has the option of renewing the lease.)

One of the most beneficial aspects of short-term furnished housing is the fact that you don’t have to endure the burden of moving your possessions in and out of the unit, since everything – from furnishings to kitchen supplies – is included. Once you sign your lease, you can be relaxing in your new temporary home almost immediately!

Short-term housing is conveniently located.

Short-term housing is generally strategically located, meaning that the rental units are in community-centered neighborhoods, yet close to the heart of the city. This means that it’s easy to find a short-term unit that fits your needs and lifestyle. Whether you need temporary housing for your family near a school, or if you prefer a location closest to the most exciting nightlife, you can find the short-term rental best suited for you.

Short-term rentals offer full furnishings and amenities.

Having access to housing that is already fully furnished and appointed is one of the best features of short-term corporate housing. Short-term housing offers a home-like, comfortable environment that provides everything renters need, including stylish furniture, kitchen supplies (dishes, cutlery, and cookware), towels, linens, entertainment center, Wi-Fi access, and even a washer/dryer. While it might seem like renting a fully furnished unit would be more expensive than a comparable hotel room, in reality, the cost is considerably lower, with monthly furnished corporate housing costing approximately as much as two weeks in a hotel. Moreover, there are no additional fees and service charges in short-term corporate housing.

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