Short-Term Corporate Housing for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, travel nurses and healthcare workers made up 6 percent of U.S. corporate housing occupancies. The need for travel nurses is expected to increase as rural community populations decrease, causing the number of hospitals and healthcare facilities in remote regions to diminish even as communities cope with the new health threat of the novel coronavirus. Mobile healthcare workers are essential to the wellbeing and quality of life in many rural communities, and they need flexible housing options that allow them to access these underserved populations easily.

What Is a Travel Nurse?

Travel nurses are healthcare providers who deliver their services to far-flung hospitals and medical facilities that require short-term staff. It is an attractive option for medical professionals who enjoy travel and who want to provide care to regions with deficiencies in healthcare resources.

Housing for travel nurses can vary quite a bit, and accommodations largely depend upon the resources provided by the agency through which they find assignments, particularly if they are new to the profession and aren’t experienced in the administrative aspects of the field. Some agencies work with excellent corporate housing providers, while others offer accommodations that are less-than-ideal.

However, some very good agencies provide a certain amount to travel nurses and allow them to find their accommodations. This housing may be a hotel for very short-term stays, or – for stays of 30 days or longer – traditional apartments or furnished corporate housing.

From a budgetary perspective, furnished corporate housing may be the best option, as it includes all of the amenities necessary to ensure a comfortable stay, including full kitchens, entertainment centers, comfortable furnishings, laundry rooms (some units offer a washer/dryer), and even gym facilities. Comparable features in a hotel are typically found at a far higher price point.

If you’re a travel nurse or mobile healthcare worker and seeking furnished corporate housing, here are a few things to consider when looking for monthly rentals:

  • Convenient location. The location must be a primary consideration when selecting a monthly furnished rental if you want to maximize efficiency. While monthly furnished housing is, on the whole, more affordable than a hotel room, if it requires a lengthy commute to work or if it isn’t near essential resources like grocery stores, you could wind up spending far more time and money that what is optimal.
  • Guest services. A service-focused corporate housing provider is essential. At SoBeNY, we offer guests in-depth knowledge of the cities and neighborhoods of all of our monthly rentals and are more than happy to help guests navigate a new city.
  • Monthly rental amenities. It’s important to find a corporate rental with amenities that fit your lifestyle and preferences. Not only should the rental feature all of the amenities you need to live comfortably, but it should also have the security and community resources to accommodate your needs. If you’re moving with your children, for example, your monthly rental should be in a community that is family-friendly and convenient to attractions and services like schools and play areas.

If you’re a travel nurse and need a reliable, affordable, and high-quality corporate housing option, you should look at your contract stipulations and see how you can ensure the best resources for your needs and budget. Selecting your monthly rentals could be an excellent money-saving solution.