What is Corporate Housing?

What is corporate housing?

Taking a longer trip is a great way to get to intimately know an area. Maybe you’re relocating for work to Denver and are excited to spend a few weeks finding the perfect area hike and ideal neighborhood. Or you and your spouse work remotely and want to enjoy Seattle’s seafood and coffee for a month without taking any actual vacation days. Whatever the case, a big factor in your enjoyment of a longer single-city trip is where you stay. Do you pick a hotel? Do you reserve an Airbnb or VRBO? Thankfully, those are not your only or best option. Consider using corporate housing instead.

What exactly is “corporate housing?” As the name implies, it is accommodations often used by companies that pay for employers who are on contract assignment or relocating. However, do not be put off by the name, as corporate housing units are perfect for solo or family travelers that need reliable and efficient accommodations. Corporate housing units also put you “close to the action” as they are located near urban centers, so you have easy access to all of the sights.

Crafting a Localized Experience

Corporate housing offers you a more localized experience compared to the standard hotel stay. When you book a hotel, the entire experience revolves around keeping you on the property. There’s on-site restaurants, bars, awkward indoor poles, and other crowded amenities built to encourage you to spend and stay. It is tough to “live like a local” when staying at a hotel.

Corporate housing in the heart of a city is different. It gives you access to the best spots for takeout food, fun museums, and an array of outdoor attractions. Becoming a local is easier with corporate apartments because of the extra space and amenities. These units feature washers and dryers, full kitchens, and more space for storage and relaxation. They intentionally resemble “home”, which helps you to relax and really enjoy a longer stay. The extra amenities give you the option to heat leftovers for lunch or gather in a living room to watch Disney+ with your family.

But what about Airbnb rentals? You might pick one that has local flair, but these are notoriously unreliable. Hosts sometimes cancel Airbnb rentals on short notice, and many of these properties are dirtier or older than their pictures indicate. Corporate housing helps you avoid potential nightmares because the properties are professionally cleaned and managed. Have a problem with your stay? Simply connect with the corporate housing office. Good luck navigating a complaint about noise or filthy living conditions through Airbnb’s self-service model.

One Size for all Travelers

If you’re heading to Manhattan or Seattle for work (or many cities in between), corporate housing is purpose built for your needs. These units feature dedicated Wi-Fi, which is more secure and faster than shared hotel connections. You can use the dedicated workspaces to spread out and stay productive. And the full kitchens mean you can take snack or meal breaks on your schedule, so you can power through your work by mid-afternoon and then go out on the town. Corporate housing is also especially useful if you are relocating and need a stress-free place to live and work for a few weeks or months while figuring out where to live permanently.

If you are “flying solo” or have family with you, corporate housing is an attractive and cost-effective option for longer stays. It is the perfect type of accommodations for any type of travel because it offers flexible amenities that are customizable to suit your specific needs. It sets you up to succeed by eliminating headaches, so you get the most out of your time while you enjoy a new city.


4 Corporate Housing Questions Answered

What is Corporate Housing?

  • Fully furnished apartment rentals ideal for longer stays of 30 or more days, typically for corporate employees but are also ideal for leisure travelers
  • Most corporate housing units are larger than a hotel room and feature full kitchens, laundry, and workspaces

Who uses Corporate Housing?

  • Business travelers who require more comfortable and spacious accommodations
  • Families needing the reliability and cleanliness of a managed and secure property
  • Students transitioning into or out of college
  • Relocating employees that need accommodations in an urban center while they explore permanent living options

Why is Corporate Housing Better than a Hotel?

  • Corporate housing is less expensive than long-term hotel stays
  • Cleanliness and comfort are guaranteed with corporate housing stays. Hotels often struggle to thoroughly clean rooms thoroughly.
  • Corporate housing enables easier social distancing than hotel stays

How does Corporate Housing Compare to an Airbnb?

  • Quality corporate housing is in secure apartment buildings, unlike unsecured Airbnb rentals
  • Corporate housing firms often perform full background checks on renters, including social media platform checks. Airbnb does not perform background checks.
  • Corporate housing companies offer full-service in-person assistance. Airbnb forces customers to solve problems on their own.