Temporary Housing for Traveling Professionals

What are the benefits of temporary housing?

You’re out on the road again. Maybe that means completing a huge project in downtown Miami. Or you are taking a working vacation in Washington D.C. for a month so you can enjoy the capitol’s sights. No matter the reason for your journey, it’s often a stressful experience. You can manage some of that stress by picking the right type of accommodations for your stay. An overlooked option for traveling professionals is temporary housing, also known as corporate apartments. These are fully-furnished and professionally-managed units that offer you a range of benefits, especially when compared to hotels or Airbnb rentals.

Room to Roam

When you are on a long work trip, you need time to “clear your head.” Whether that means lounging on a sofa watching a few movies or having a decent cup of tea in the morning—you need time to decompress. Temporary housing units offer more space than hotel rooms, which gives you options for relaxation. There is a living room space and full-sized kitchen. Many offer balconies which give you a burst of fresh air.

So, whether you are out of the unit on sales calls all day or inside on the Wi-Fi working remotely, the extra space gives you options to make your stay more comfortable. And it’s the simplest things that make that additional space and amenities so valuable. You can store away a suitcase in the bigger closet instead of tripping over it. Or you can reheat that big bowl of pho in the microwave that you just could not finish.

A Cleaner and Safer Option

During pandemic times you still want and need to travel. Corporate travel is starting to pick up around the world, especially in areas recovering from the pandemic. If you are on the road for work of course you are doing everything you can to stay healthy, so consider accommodations that give you further protections. Temporary housing units are much less crowded than the typical hotel, which makes social distancing simpler. And since you are renting the space for a month or more, there is less turnover with temporary housing, which means fewer germs to contend with. Top-tier temporary housing firms emphasize deep sanitizing cleaning between each stay, keeping the units up to standards that are difficult for busy hotels to match. You can stay with confidence–knowing your housing unit is clean and ready for your enjoyment.

Repeatable and Reliable

Temporary housing units offered through a reputable national company offer repeatable accommodations. This means you know before the journey starts you will enjoy quality furnishings, a clean room, working toilets and sinks, and an overall stress-free experience. The consistency of the accommodations lets you focus on getting work done and also having some fun experiences out on the town. And if any issues do arrive, they are resolved quickly through the temporary housing firm’s customer service team. Try fixing problems with Airbnb, which drives you crazy with unresponsive hosts, no accountability, and a flawed self-service model.

Traveling for work isn’t always fun, but it should not be stressful. Consider temporary housing a crucial part of your travel plans to ensure a safe, relaxing, and reliable way to stay.