Short-term Rentals New York

The Big Apple. Empire City. The City that Never Sleeps. New York City deserves dozens of nicknames, because it is an amazing place that has something for everyone, from world-class cuisine to the endless fun at Central Park.

If you are planning a trip to NYC, remember you cannot possibly “see it all.” That is the beauty of the town, and a reason it warrants multiple visits. It’s a city that deserves a longer stay, one where you learn to “live like a local.” So, instead of trying to cram in 36 hours of sightseeing over a three-day weekend, consider staying for a month or two. Maybe you work remotely or are on assignment and can work from anywhere, so a month from home is no big deal.

No matter your reasons for visiting NYC, you should carefully consider your accommodations if you’re coming for a longer stay. A relaxing (yet overlooked) way to enjoy your time in the city is with a short-term rental that provides multiple benefits.

Short-term rentals, also known as “corporate apartments” or “corporate housing” are apartment-style accommodations that offer many of the comforts of home. They’re usually located in high-quality buildings in urban centers, putting you right into the action.

Skip the Hotel Crowds

For stays over two weeks, short-term rentals give you much more space and options than hotel rooms. After two weeks in a typical NYC-sized hotel room, most travelers are feeling stir crazy, especially if they’re with their spouse and/or family. There is just not much space in the rooms for storage, snacks, or simply taking a break. Short-term rental units are considerably larger than the standard New York City hotel room, with full-sized kitchens and living room spaces. Want to take some slices home from one of the amazing NYC pizzerias? Just pop them in the refrigerator and you have a midnight snack or delicious breakfast. Stock up on snacks and easy meals to avoid paying NYC prices for three meals a day. More space and amenities mean you can vacation or work your own way and on your own schedule. This flexibility is perfect for an “all hours” city such as New York.

Avoid the Airbnb Hassles

Staying in a short-term rental also provides you with access to a dedicated rental management company. This firm will have experienced local staff who can address and rectify any issues. Compared this scenario to Airbnb’s notoriously difficult self-service model that pushes people to figure problems out on their own or through unresponsive guests.

SoBeNY is a top-tier short-term rental company with properties in NYC and other major cities in the U.S. It provides repeatable and reliable accommodations for you and your family. The units are professionally cleaned and feature high-end furnishings. With Airbnb rentals, you might encounter uninhabitable conditions with dirty furniture, no running water, and a range of other potential problems. And if you try to get a refund, then you have to jump through a bunch of hoops, or might simply be out of luck, So instead of enjoying views of the Statue of Liberty over brunch, you’re spending time arguing between Airbnb and a host.