Short-Term Lease Apartments

Short Term Lease Apartments

Staying in a city for more than a few days gives you time to truly “live like a local.” So, if you’ve wanted to explore all of the seafood joints in Seattle or soak in every beach in Miami, then you might want to stay for a few weeks. Visiting an area for this length of time is difficult in a small hotel room. Instead, consider short-term lease apartments that offer lease terms below that of the traditional yearly apartment rental. Typically offered for one to six months, or as “month-to-month”, these apartment rentals provide flexibility for those looking for a more permanent residence than a hotel stay.

Short-term lease apartments are ideal for multiple scenarios where you need more space and amenities. So, whether you are taking a longer “working vacation”, relocating for a dream job, , or bringing the family along for a few weeks, rental apartments offer flexibility and comfort.

Comparing to Hotels or Airbnb Rentals

Short-term lease apartments are setup as “homes”, not hotels. They are designed with the conveniences you want such as full kitchens, more living area spaces, on-premises laundry, and residential-style furnishings. For stays of two weeks or more, hotel rooms feel confining. Short-term lease apartments offer more space to relax, giving you more time to unwind after a day shopping or working.

While Airbnb rentals are available that might match a corporate apartment in terms of size, they are notoriously unreliable. Do a search for “Airbnb nightmares” and you will find hundreds of reviews and articles talking about poor experiences with these rentals. For example, many people report hosts canceling their reservation as little as 12 hours before their arrival. Short-term lease apartments managed by a professional corporate housing firm offer several benefits compared to Airbnb rentals. Any questions or issues are resolved quickly by the management firm’s local staff, unlike Airbnb’s self-service model that puts pressure on guests to solve their own problems.

If you are worried about getting a good night’s sleep, know that short-term lease apartment companies conduct full background checks on potential renters. This helps ensure its clientele are responsible and respectful of their neighbors. Taking a chance on a property with multiple Airbnb renters means perhaps trying to sleep while a raging party keeps you up all night.

Built for Business

If you are working remotely, then you can obviously get your work done from anywhere that has a solid Wi-Fi connection. Short-term lease apartments not only offer secure Wi-Fi, they are also full of amenities that are perfect for a busy professional.

Short-term lease apartments typically offer full-size desks that are big enough for business meetings or to simply spread out with a laptop and various paperwork. There is enough space in the units to conduct small meetings with colleagues or to have evening drinks with clients. These units also feature high-speed Wi-Fi that is more secure, and faster than most hotel networks that are shared with potentially thousands of guests. If you are working remotely, then you know consistent Wi-Fi is crucially important, and can turn a fun trip into a nightmare if you cannot connect.

Short term lease apartments from a top tier company like SoBeNY provide travelers with all the comforts of home without the hassles of Airbnb. Consider an apartment rental for your next business or family trip to enjoy the flexibility of a “home away from home.”