Monthly Rentals in DC

The typical trip to Washington D.C. is an activity-packed two to four-day journey. It is a frantic dash up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, a quick run through the National Gallery of Art, followed by a brisk walk in the National Air and Space Museum. If you try to do all of that in a day, then you are exhausted and ready to go home.

But what if you are in town for a month or two? Whether you are working on a contract project or simply taking a long vacation, Washington D.C. is a great town for longer stays. You can enjoy the museums and monuments at your own pace, taking more time to soak in the history without feeling the stress of “seeing it all.”

If you are in town for a month, where do you stay? One of the hotels near George Washington University or in Dupont Circle? There are some perfectly fine hotels in the D.C. area, but can you imagine living out of one for 30 days? The small room would start to feel closed in. Eating out every meal would also become a hassle and expensive. An alternative to the hotel life is a monthly apartment-style rental. These types of rentals, also known as “corporate housing” or “corporate apartments” offer you more space, amenities, and options than the typical hotel room.

Live Like a Washingtonian

Monthly apartment-style rentals make it easier for you to live like a local. They are located right in the heart of the action in luxury apartment buildings, so you can step out of the main lobby and reach your D.C. destination in minutes. By living next to locals and other travelers for a month, you have the chance to get to know them and gain insights about the best place for midnight pho or the ideal parks for an evening walk

The extra space and amenities of monthly rentals gives you the comforts of home while out on the road. These units typically feature washers and dryers, full kitchens, more storage space, and dedicated living room spaces. All these features come together to give you more flexibility to enjoy your trip on your own terms. You can pack light knowing you can do laundry at any time. You can make oatmeal and tea every morning in the unit and save yourself the time and expense of a restaurant.

Skip the Airbnb Hassles

There are some key differences between monthly corporate rentals and renting an Airbnb. The first is service. Monthly rental apartments are managed by professional firms with local staff who can fix any issues. Airbnb relies on a self-service model that makes it difficult to work with hosts and puts responsibility on the renter, not Airbnb itself.

Monthly apartment rentals come fully furnished and stocked, with newer furniture, spotless kitchen utensils, and crisp sheets. Some travelers experience Airbnb nightmares where the pictures for the rental misrepresent the unit’s condition. So instead of a “charming duplex in Columbia Heights” you get a filthy rental with bugs, soiled furniture, and broken locks.

Renting an apartment through a reputable company gives you peace of mind with a repeatable and secure place to stay. It means you can focus on working and enjoying all of the sites the nation’s capital has to offer.