Monthly Furnished Rentals

Monthly Furnished Rentals: What Are the Benefits of Furnished Housing?

Monthly furnished rentals – commonly called corporate housing – are an affordable and convenient, but often overlooked, option for people who have been relocated for work. Here is what you should know about monthly furnished rentals, how to find them, and why they might be a smart choice the next time you need extended business or even vacation travel accommodations.

If you have ever needed a rental for an extended stay, chances are you either stayed in a hotel, motel or a homestay rental found on Airbnb (or a similar site). While all of these resources have their advantages, they can be financially problematic if your stay lasts longer than a few days.

Hotels are still the most-used business travel option, according to “The State of Business Travel 2020” report from Skift, a global business travel industry intelligence company. They are relatively full-service options, but they can be extremely costly if you intend to stay for a month or longer. Some offer discounts for extended stays, but the savings are generally not significant due to high operating costs such as daily housekeeping. Moreover, a hotel with an in-room kitchen is rare, and the daily costs of dining out can quickly mount.

Motels are less expensive than hotels, but they don’t offer many conveniences – they’re essentially nothing more than a bed and a bathroom – and can be located in inconvenient locations.

With millions of listings, Airbnb, or homestay, rentals are popular for people seeking both short and moderately long-term accommodations, but these can be extremely costly options for extended stays. Each Airbnb host is essentially a private operator seeking to maximize profit from every booking. Moreover, hospitality services for homestays are virtually nonexistent. There is no cleaning service or general maintenance – if anything malfunctions, it is the responsibility of the renter to repair it.

Monthly furnished housing is an oft-overlooked solution generally accessed by businesses seeking temporary housing for out-of-town employees.

What is Monthly Furnished Housing?

Generally, monthly furnished housing is a fully furnished rental unit – typically an apartment – that includes, at minimum, all of the basic fixtures of a lived-in home. Furnished rentals will provide linens, kitchen fixtures, cleaning supplies, and towels. Utilities are also included, as are maintenance and security services, if offered. Monthly furnished housing is kept ready for immediate move-in, and offers more flexibility than standard yearly or six-month apartment leases.

Monthly furnished rentals are homes, not hotels. Though they’re typically a resource for business people who have been relocated by their employers, they’re also an excellent option for vacationers looking for comfortable, all-inclusive accommodations. Many people also use them when their own homes are being renovated, since they’re often far more affordable than hotels, yet offer much more luxurious amenities.

Finding Monthly Furnished Rentals

Monthly furnished rentals can be found in most major cities, which are most likely to attract businesspeople requiring shorter leases. A company such as SoBeNY offers exceptional rental units in the following cities:

  • Boston
  • Denver
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Seattle
  • Washington DC

Monthly furnished rentals aren’t just for corporations. Vacationers as well as people whose homes are being renovated opt for this temporary housing resource.