Job Relocation and Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing for Job Relocation

Moving for work is a significant life milestone. It involves moving from an area you’re familiar with and transitioning to a new role and living situation. You need to quickly find a place to live that fits your commute, lifestyle, and interests. For many people, relocating for work is worth it, with a leading staffing firm survey showing 62% of survey respondents would consider relocating for a new job.

Once you’ve decided to take the relocation leap, you need some time to explore your new city. You need at least several weeks or months to scope out the best neighborhoods, map your commute, and get a feel for your new town. During this time, you of course need to stay somewhere. You could pick a hotel, but that becomes a cramped (and expensive) experience. A more appealing option is a corporate apartment. These are units in desirable buildings that offer you all of the comforts of home without the immediate commitment of an annual lease or mortgage payment

If you’re lucky, then your employer provided you with a relocation assistance package. This might include moving costs, help selling a current home, and tips about your new area. An important part of such packages is temporary housing. If you are relocating and need housing, consider using short-term corporate housing units instead of a hotel or Airbnb. Corporate housing offers apartment-style accommodations that give you a wide range of benefits that help you to focus on maximizing your time.

Remove Relocation Stress

Corporate housing units are managed by professional companies that provide guests with repeatable experiences. Unlike Airbnb rentals that are sometimes scams or misrepresentations, corporate housing rentals are transparent in terms of accommodations and location. You know what you are getting into—clean and reliable accommodations that allow you to focus on getting things done. They’re repeatable experiences, so you can spend your time looking for a house or apartment instead of fighting with an unresponsive Airbnb host.

Corporate housing units remove distractions, so you can focus on getting work done while also finding a new home. They are typically located in urban centers near the main cultural attractions, so you can explore the sights and visit various neighborhoods as a “local.”

Enjoy a Transition Home

Relocating employees like you often need temporary housing for several months. It takes time to visit various neighborhoods to find one that makes sense for your family, new job, and interests.

Corporate housing creates a “home base” that is centrally located to the main attractions and neighborhoods. These short-term apartment rentals offer full kitchens, in-unit laundry, and larger workspaces which are ideal for longer stays. Offering more space than hotel rooms, corporate housing units are more comfortable and practical, especially if your spouse or kids are in tow.

Use a corporate apartment’s extra space in ways that make the most sense for you needs. Maybe you need to store precious items personal items you won’t put on a moving truck, or love to load up on snacks in the kitchen instead of hitting the vending machine. Whatever your need, corporate apartments offer flexibility that help you get through an exciting (yet slightly terrifying) transition. Treat your corporate apartment as a bridge that gets you safely and efficiently from your old life into a new life filled with promise.