Corporate Apartments vs. Hotels

Why corporate apartments are better than Hotels

Taking a longer trip for business or pleasure often leaves you a little worn out by the end. If you stayed in a hotel for a few weeks, then you probably grew tired of a small room that felt cramped. Even if your destination was in an amazing locale such as Miami or NYC, a hotel room gets old. If you chose an Airbnb, maybe you got lucky with a good place, or you were unfortunate and rented one with noisy neighbors, dirty furniture, and sub-par amenities.

Thankfully, there is a better option for longer stays—corporate apartments. Also known as corporate housing, corporate apartments offer you a comfortable place to stay and relax for stays of one to six months. Perhaps you’re taking the family to explore Denver for a month or relocating to Seattle and need a “home base” for several weeks. In either case, corporate apartments offer more space and home comforts compared to other types of accommodations.

Flexible Options Make it a Home

Corporate apartments are full residential units, with kitchens, on-premises laundry services, balconies, expanded living rooms, and various storage areas. Sounds like a “home”, right? They are much more than the standard hotel room because they’re designed for optimal comfort.

More space gives you more options. You can comfortably bring your spouse or the kids on a work trip, knowing they have room to spread out. Colleagues can join you in the apartment for a meeting or a few drinks after a long day because you have a living room space. Full kitchens in corporate apartments lets you enjoy some meals and snacks in the unit. Perhaps you only need oatmeal and coffee in the morning, instead of sitting down for a full hotel restaurant breakfast. For a stay of 30 days, saving $10 a day on breakfast really adds up in terms of both money and time saved.

Corporate apartments remove many of the stresses of the average day because they’re appointed and stocked with all the right items. These units are fully furnished with housewares, larger desks, and high-end touches such as luxury sheets. You won’t find all of these amenities in the typical hotel room, and the average Airbnb often features a random collection of the owner’s used items.

A corporate apartment’s amenities come together harmoniously to improve your comfort and productivity. You need Wi-Fi when traveling, whether you are connecting on Zoom work calls or your kids are watching Netflix. Corporate apartments have you covered. They offer secure dedicated Wi-Fi that’s a better option than shared hotel connections.

Go Beyond the Hotel

Tired of the “bed and bathroom” tight feel of a hotel room? Corporate apartment units are considerably bigger. This gives you room for the “little extras” that make time away from home much easier. Store your favorite turkey jerky or coffee in the kitchen. Stash your suitcase in one of the closets so you don’t trip on it every 10 minutes. Corporate apartments have their own address, so many savvy guests send themselves a “care package” of items at the start of their stay to suit their specific needs.

Staying in a corporate apartment means “living like a local” because you’re at the doorstep of a city’s highlights. When you stay in a hotel, the whole experience is designed to keep you on the property, whether it’s in the restaurant, spa, or bar. Corporate apartments encourage you to get out and explore while giving you a great space to relax. You have the flexibility to reheat a pizza in the oven or go out on the town for some takeout food. When you are staying on a long trip, you need this kind of flexibility and options to break up your journey, so you are refreshed from day one to day sixty.