Benefits of Corporate Housing

What are the benefits of temporary corporate housing?

You want to eat chowder at twenty different places, go on the Freedom Trail, do a duck boat tour, and visit Faneuil Hall. In other words, you’re looking to take in all that Boston has to offer. However, you don’t want to cram all of your visit into three to four days. You want to explore the city for a month or two, so you can live like a local and experience more than just the main tourist sites. Taking this longer trip sounds fun, until you imagine living out of a hotel room the entire time. Thankfully, there’s a better more relaxed option for longer journeys—short-term corporate housing.

Also known as “corporate apartments”, short-term corporate housing is apartment-style units that are purpose built for longer stays. These are rented for one to six months and are ideal for leisure travelers, relocating workers, and businesspeople on long contract assignments. This type of accommodations offers multiple benefits for travelers, especially when compared to hotel rooms or Airbnb rentals.

Enjoy your Options

Short-term corporate housing appeals to both leisure and business travelers because they offer multiple amenities. And more amenities mean more options. These units boast full-sized kitchens so you can eat breakfast in your pajamas while watching CNN. They feature on-premises laundry so you can pack for two weeks, but comfortably stay for eight. Expanded living room areas in corporate housing units give you space to take a quick nap while watching Netflix or to conduct a quick business meeting with colleagues. The extra space and amenities allow you to use and customize the space to fit your specific needs.

Check Out from Hotels

A hotel stay of more than three or four days quickly feels cramped. Even if you’re exploring Boston all day, you’ll start to feel the walls closing in after 10 days in a small hotel room. Corporate housing units are considerably bigger, which helps you to store more things and get more out of the space, and they also help your mental state.

Corporate housing units are typically located in urban centers within luxury apartment buildings. These secure buildings make it easy for you to pop down to the local takeout place or enjoy some of the local cultural sites. Hotels want you to stay and spend on the property. Avoid the urge to book a hotel, and “live like a local” with a short-term corporate housing stay.

Avoid the Airbnb Nightmares

You’ve likely considered Airbnb rentals as a viable option for longer stays. These rentals sometimes work out fine, but you’re rolling the dice on cleanliness and accuracy. There are hundreds of stories of people that booked dirty Airbnb units or found the rental’s pictures did not match up to reality. Airbnb hosts also can cancel reservations with as little as 12 hours of notice, which then puts the guest in “scramble mode” to find another option.

Corporate housing units compare favorably to Airbnb rentals because they’re managed by a professional company. They provide consistently clean units with quality furnishings which combine to create a repeatable and enjoyable experience. Airbnb units sometimes result in frustration and wasted time. So, instead of visiting the Tea Party ships and museum and having a great time, you spend your day dealing with Airbnb’s cumbersome self-service process.

Whether you’re embarking on two months in Boston or exploring Miami’s beaches, consider short-term corporate housing for a flexible, safe, and enjoyable stay.