Relocating for Work? Tips for Using Corporate Housing Rentals to Transition into a New Permanent Residence

Anyone who is ever moved to a different home will recognize that the moving process involves quite a bit of planning, organization, and flat out hard work. Whether you’re moving to a new home in the same city, or if you’re moving across the country, there will always be a series of obligations to fulfill if you want to ensure the process is smooth and efficient. However, if you are relocating for work, it’s possible that you have additional planning to do. You may have to sell your home while searching for a new residence in a new city. The resources your employer offers might be limited. Additionally, the time that you’ll be spending onboarding at your new job will leave you with precious little time to learn about your new neighborhood.

There are so many factors to be considered while settling on permanent accommodations, that finding a temporary rental could be not only the most convenient option, but also the most budget-friendly. If you aren’t familiar with the new city you’ll be moving to, working with a corporate housing rental provider could help you navigate your new region more quickly and effectively. Additionally, it could free up some time and energy for finding a new permanent home.

Here are a few suggestions for using a corporate housing rental to transition into a permanent home more effectively.

Conduct research on your preferred locations.

Performing your due diligence regarding the best location for your needs is best done as far in advance as practicable. Research your destination city, particularly the geographic layout, neighborhoods, and districts that are in proximity to your place of employment. Draw your route to work or other places you anticipate you’ll need to visit, like doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, schools, and other services. Work with a trusted corporate housing rental provider to find furnished accommodations that are conveniently situated adjacent to your place of work.

Organize your possessions and time.

Relocating for a job requires a lot of organization to keep the process as efficient and smooth as possible. This is because you’ll be navigating finding a temporary living space while searching for a permanent home, so you’ll need to make a list of all the possessions you’ll be bringing with you to your corporate housing rental and what you’ll be keeping in storage in preparation for your new permanent residence. If you have children, keep in mind that they’ll probably want to take more of their personal items to the transitional housing than you might. This is because they’ll want to feel at home, and having a lot of their toys, games, and devices in the temporary corporate housing rental will make them feel more comfortable. It’s a tedious task, but take inventory of all of the possessions you’ll definitely be taking with you to your new home, and what you can sell or donate.

Take advantage of your employer’s resources.

Make sure to learn whether or not your job provides relocation resources that could help you with your transition. Talk to your human resources department to find out what assistance they provide, or if they can direct you towards services that could be helpful to you. Perhaps they offer support with selling your previous home, or offer a relocation stipend during your first few months. Take advantage of all of the resources your employer provides.

Corporate housing rentals are excellent resources for helping you become accustomed to your new city and taking the burden off of finding permanent housing immediately upon arrival to your new city. You’ll have time to learn about your new workplace and responsibilities without the distractions of hastily finding your new permanent home.

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