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Moving? Here’s How to Make Sure it’s Stress-Free

Some people only have to hear the term “moving” and their blood pressure skyrockets, and the reason why is understandable! However, moving doesn’t have to be a complicated nightmare – here are a few tips for keeping the stress of moving down to a minimum. SoBeNY offers stress-free luxury furnished corporate housing in New York, Washington DC, Boston, Seattle, Miami, Miami Beach, Los Angeles, and Denver.

We’ve all been there – surrounded by mountains of unshelved books, linens, dishes, and other essential items ready to be packed with the moving date galloping toward us. But moving doesn’t have to be heart-attack-inducing! Here are a few tips for staying organized, calm, and on task during your next move.

Start decluttering early.

You already know that you aren’t taking every item in your possession with you, so start rooting out the dead weight. This will make packing, organizing, and finding space for your things in your new home infinitely easier. You can sell your more valuable items on eBay or through Amazon’s marketplace, or you can just kiss all of your unwanted clutter goodbye, take the easy way out and use a junk removal service.

Create “packing dates.”

Dedicate specific days for packing rather than packing small amounts sporadically. You’ll get far more done if you spend full days actively packing in an organized fashion.

Collect all the boxes you can.

Why spend money on boxes when there are huge big box stores that will give them away for free? Stores like Costco and Smart and Final will be more than happy to let you have their empty product boxes. You can also use their weekly circulars to wrap up your delicate possessions, like plates and glasses.

Start one shelf at a time.

If you start pulling out all of your possessions at once with the expectation that seeing all piled up will force you to work more diligently, you might just become overwhelmed. Start small and start soon. Begin with your bookshelves and cabinets along the perimeter. Seeing the progress will help you stick to your routine in a more systematic manner.

Start early.

If you start packing at roughly the same time you know you’re going to move, the whole process will seem significantly less daunting.

Keep your boxes organized.

Not only does an organization plan help speed up the packing process, it really helps with the unpacking process, too. There are numerous ways you can organize your boxes, but an easy system is numbering the boxes and recording the contents on a spreadsheet so you can retrieve the exact contents after your move without rummaging through every single box.

Look after yourself.

Don’t allow the stress to cause you to neglect your own wellness. Find time to exercise, eat well, meditate – do whatever you need to do to keep your body and mind healthy during what can be a high-stress event!

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