Looking for an Extended Home Away from Home? Benefits of Month-to-Month Corporate Housing

While corporate housing is a widely used resource for corporations that transfer employees to different cities, it’s not nearly as popular with people seeking temporary housing for leisure trips or even as temporary accommodations during extensive home renovations. However, it’s a fantastic option for a diverse population of guests. Here are a few of the benefits of month-to-month corporate housing.

Month-to-Month Corporate Housing is Move-In Ready

Unlike traditional apartments that have to be furnished by the renter, or even hotel rooms that don’t offer all of the comforts and conveniences of a home, monthly corporate housing comes with all of the amenities you need to enjoy a relaxed, homey stay. Not only are corporate apartments furnished, but they also offer all of the supplies guests need for their comfort. These include kitchen appliances, utensils, and cookware, bed linens, laundry rooms, and an assortment of sundries. Monthly rentals are also highly secure and feature concierge service and even gyms.

Month-to-Month Corporate Housing Offers Flexible Leasing

Monthly corporate housing is a far more affordable option than comparably equipped hotels. While it is possible to stay in a hotel for months at a time, the costs are generally inflexible; hotels don’t usually offer discounts for longer stays. Moreover, guests can have their families or friends stay with them for a portion of the stay without paying additional fees.

Month-to-Month Corporate Housing Providers Connect Renters with the Perfect Accommodations Easily

Corporate housing providers can take the burden of finding the best rental off of your shoulders. SoBeNY offers in-depth knowledge of the cities where monthly corporate rentals are provided, providing guests with the perfect locations for their needs and lifestyle. Guests who need accommodations in a family-friendly neighborhood near a particular school district, or who want a rental in proximity to their job site can allow the SoBeNY representatives to connect them with the best options.

Month-to-Month Corporate Housing is Designed for a Variety of Living Situations

Corporate guests needing additional space for roommates can find it easily with furnished corporate housing. With large floor plans that are often more than twice the square footage of standard hotel rooms, corporate housing can provide comfortable accommodations for multiple guests while allowing them their privacy and space.

SoBeNY specializes in providing top-notch monthly corporate housing for a diverse population of guests. Whether you’re relocating with your family or simply need an apartment for yourself, SoBeNY can find you a rental that feels just like home.