Corporate Housing for Healthcare Workers – What You Need to Know if You’re a Travel Nurse or Mobile Frontline Health Worker

Before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, mobile doctors, nurses, and other healthcare aides were six percent of total corporate housing renters. However, as the size of rural populations dwindles, the demand for travel nurses and other healthcare workers is expected to go up, due to the corresponding reduction of hospitals and medical clinics. Travel nurses are critical resources for such underserved populations, particularly as the COVID-19 crisis shows signs of spreading to previously unaffected regions.

Travel nurses – or mobile healthcare providers – offer medical services to sometimes remote areas throughout the U.S. Many medical professionals enjoy combining the novelty of travel with the satisfaction of serving in-need communities, but finding appropriate housing options can be a challenge. Many rely upon the recommendations of the agencies that assign them to different locations, which may be convenient for mobile healthcare workers who aren’t accustomed to finding housing, or if they need housing in a part of the country where rental options are extremely limited. However, travel nurses looking for accommodations in more well-populated parts of the country – for a few months or even a year – might consider sourcing corporate housing options on their own.

Corporate housing offers travel nurses the comfort and convenience of a home-like environment. With fully furnished units that have everything guests need, corporate housing helps make the transition to a new environment easily. However, here are a few things to consider when looking for the right furnished corporate housing:

  • The right location for your professional/personal needs. When selecting the right corporate housing, it’s important to choose a location that fits your lifestyle and preferences. Make sure the housing is convenient to your job site – if you have to dedicate several extra hours per week to the commute to and from work, the money you save by leasing furnished housing could be used up in gas alone.
  • Tenant services. A client-focused furnished corporate housing provider can be a considerable help when navigating a strange city. SoBeNY offers unparalleled customer support, helping you access the closest local resources so that you’re able to enjoy the best of a new city.
  • Lease flexibility. If you discover that you need or want to stay in your furnished rental for longer than the term of your lease, your corporate housing provider must allow you to extend your lease easily and seamlessly. Choose short-term furnished housing that makes allowances for the possibility of a longer stay.

If you’re a travel nurse on a long assignment, finding furnished corporate housing might be the easiest, most convenient, and most affordable option. SoBeNY offers excellent rates for travel nurses and mobile healthcare workers.