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6 Reasons Why Month-to-Month Corporate Housing Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

While you can’t – and shouldn’t – blame your accommodations for an unhealthy lifestyle, your living situation does contribute significantly to your health. If you have to relocate for business, leisure, or just a life change, moving into a hotel for a multi-week or months-long stay could contribute to some bad habits.

Hotels aren’t ideal for extended stays for a variety of reasons, but they aren’t great for your physical health, either. Here are six reasons why month-to-month corporate housing is a far healthier alternative.

You can eat better.

When you stay in hotels, it is really easy to rely upon restaurants, fast food, and room service for sustenance. Month-to-month furnished rentals, however, offer fully supplied kitchen spaces, with a refrigerator, cookware, stove, microwave, dishes, cutlery – everything you need to cook your healthy meals. Not only can you better control your food intake, but you can also save significant amounts of money simply by eating at home!

You can exercise easily.

Furnished corporate housing gives you the space to work out daily – you can stream workout videos in the living area, or go for a walk or run in the neighborhood. You have the option of selecting a location that is community-oriented and conducive to taking your dog for a stroll. You can even select accommodations with a gym in the building, or even a pool.

Spend time outdoors.

Well-located corporate housing not only helps encourage habits that keep you fit, but there are emotional benefits, too. Hotels are typically located in high-traffic regions with a lot of city noise, but month-to-month housing can be found in quieter, more family-friendly communities with greater access to green spaces and parks.

According to several studies in the emerging field of ecotherapy, spending time outdoors can significantly improve mood. If you select a corporate rental in a region with a high walkability rating, you can easily and conveniently walk to nearby shops and services, helping to release endorphins and neurotransmitters that can improve mood and reduce stress.

You can enjoy more space.

Standard hotel rooms can start to feel cramped very quickly, which can harm your emotional health. Furnished corporate housing is far roomier, allowing guests to stretch out in the living area, kitchen, balcony or yard, and bedroom without feeling claustrophobic.

You are staying in a home-like environment.

The feeling of being at home – being safe and comfortable – is crucially important in managing stress and anxiety. If you’ve relocated for business and have a taxing, fast-paced job, staying in a calm and homey environment can help you decompress after a difficult day.

You can sleep better.

Sleeping in a hotel room is difficult – the walls are thin, making every conversation or TV perfectly audible when you’re trying to get to sleep. Even the light from the hallway illuminating through the crack in the door can be a hindrance. In furnished corporate housing, you’re in a private, quiet space where you can unwind and enjoy restful, regenerative sleep.

SoBeNY offers luxury corporate housing options that accommodate every lifestyle and budget. To learn more about SoBeNY monthly or nightly rentals, please visit our information page.

3 Reasons Why Corporate Month-To-Month Rentals Are Superior to Hotels

Monthly furnished rentals are infinitely better than hotel rooms for the simple reason that they are completely functioning homes without the added inconvenience of moving in your belongings and moving them out again when the lease expires. However, while this is a major benefit, there are still three other factors that make corporate housing a far better option for longer stays than hotels.


Staying in furnished corporate housing affords significantly more privacy than a stay in a hotel room. Although you do have the option of using cleaning services for your furnished corporate rental, you have the advantage of meeting the house cleaner and scheduling services on your timeline. Hotels provide daily cleaning services and staff might enter your room even if your do not disturb sign is up, so you have to constantly lock up your belongings. There is never total privacy in a hotel.

Moreover, hotel walls are notoriously thin. If you have a rambunctious neighbor who enjoys partying or even watching TV in the dead of night, you’re going to hear it.


Furnished corporate housing offers far more space than standard hotel rooms. With complete kitchen areas (fully stocked with dishes, cutlery, and cookware), living area, and bedrooms, you can stretch out and enjoy your lodgings just as you would in your home. Even if you decide to bring guests, you have the option of finding a space big enough for you both to feel comfortable.

It may be cost-effective to find a multi-bedroom unit and stay with a houseguest, as family-style corporate housing typically has the most competitive pricing.


Corporate housing units are far less expensive than hotel rooms if you’re planning an extended stay. The standard rate for a one month stay in furnished corporate housing is roughly equal to a two-week stay in a hotel.

Not only is the price of the rental unit itself less expensive than a hotel room if you’re staying for several weeks or months, but you also don’t have the added expense of eating out at restaurants or room service because you can cook for yourself in the fully stocked kitchen. Additionally, there are no service fees that can mount up, like fees for entertainment or Wi-Fi or the minibar.

Regardless of whether you need lodging for business purposes, pleasure, or if you’re just undergoing a life change and need a temporary place to live, furnished corporate housing beats out hotels on every level.

Corporate Housing for Healthcare Workers – What You Need to Know if You’re a Travel Nurse or Mobile Frontline Health Worker

Before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, mobile doctors, nurses, and other healthcare aides were six percent of total corporate housing renters. However, as the size of rural populations dwindles, the demand for travel nurses and other healthcare workers is expected to go up, due to the corresponding reduction of hospitals and medical clinics. Travel nurses are critical resources for such underserved populations, particularly as the COVID-19 crisis shows signs of spreading to previously unaffected regions.

Travel nurses – or mobile healthcare providers – offer medical services to sometimes remote areas throughout the U.S. Many medical professionals enjoy combining the novelty of travel with the satisfaction of serving in-need communities, but finding appropriate housing options can be a challenge. Many rely upon the recommendations of the agencies that assign them to different locations, which may be convenient for mobile healthcare workers who aren’t accustomed to finding housing, or if they need housing in a part of the country where rental options are extremely limited. However, travel nurses looking for accommodations in more well-populated parts of the country – for a few months or even a year – might consider sourcing corporate housing options on their own.

Corporate housing offers travel nurses the comfort and convenience of a home-like environment. With fully furnished units that have everything guests need, corporate housing helps make the transition to a new environment easily. However, here are a few things to consider when looking for the right furnished corporate housing:

  • The right location for your professional/personal needs. When selecting the right corporate housing, it’s important to choose a location that fits your lifestyle and preferences. Make sure the housing is convenient to your job site – if you have to dedicate several extra hours per week to the commute to and from work, the money you save by leasing furnished housing could be used up in gas alone.

  • Tenant services. A client-focused furnished corporate housing provider can be a considerable help when navigating a strange city. SoBeNY offers unparalleled customer support, helping you access the closest local resources so that you’re able to enjoy the best of a new city.

  • Lease flexibility. If you discover that you need or want to stay in your furnished rental for longer than the term of your lease, your corporate housing provider must allow you to extend your lease easily and seamlessly. Choose short-term furnished housing that makes allowances for the possibility of a longer stay.

If you’re a travel nurse on a long assignment, finding furnished corporate housing might be the easiest, most convenient, and most affordable option. SoBeNY offers excellent rates for travel nurses and mobile healthcare workers.

Thinking of Signing a Short-Term Rental Lease? Here’s What to Expect

If you’re staying in a city for business purposes, personal pleasure, or just because you need temporary furnished accommodations for longer than a few weeks, you might want to consider short-term furnished housing. Short-term housing, also called corporate housing, is a great option for people who need lodgings for a longer period than a typical hotel stay. If you need temporary housing for less than a year but more than a few weeks, here’s why a short-term lease could be your best bet.

Short-term leases offer maximum flexibility.

Because short-term leases are month-to-month, you aren’t locked into an agreement for longer than your intended stay. This is highly beneficial to renters who value flexibility, and want the option of simply leaving at the end of the agreement. (Of course, the tenant also has the option of renewing the lease.)

One of the most beneficial aspects of short-term furnished housing is the fact that you don’t have to endure the burden of moving your possessions in and out of the unit, since everything – from furnishings to kitchen supplies – is included. Once you sign your lease, you can be relaxing in your new temporary home almost immediately!

Short-term housing is conveniently located.

Short-term housing is generally strategically located, meaning that the rental units are in community-centered neighborhoods, yet close to the heart of the city. This means that it’s easy to find a short-term unit that fits your needs and lifestyle. Whether you need temporary housing for your family near a school, or if you prefer a location closest to the most exciting nightlife, you can find the short-term rental best suited for you.

Short-term rentals offer full furnishings and amenities.

Having access to housing that is already fully furnished and appointed is one of the best features of short-term corporate housing. Short-term housing offers a home-like, comfortable environment that provides everything renters need, including stylish furniture, kitchen supplies (dishes, cutlery, and cookware), towels, linens, entertainment center, Wi-Fi access, and even a washer/dryer. While it might seem like renting a fully furnished unit would be more expensive than a comparable hotel room, in reality, the cost is considerably lower, with monthly furnished corporate housing costing approximately as much as two weeks in a hotel. Moreover, there are no additional fees and service charges in short-term corporate housing.

SoBeNY offers spectacular furnished housing for both short- and long-term leasing. For more information about SoBeNY rentals, please visit our home page.

Post-Disaster Temporary Housing – How to Approach Finding New Accommodations

Whether you experience a fire or a natural disaster, there may come a time when you urgently need to find alternative accommodations because your home has become uninhabitable. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to find the right temporary housing at an affordable cost after an emergency, so it may be necessary to enlist the help of the following resources:

  • State and/or federal programs
  • Disaster relief NGOs
  • Insurance coverage

Here’s what you need to know about the above options.

State and Federal Programs

Some disasters – such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or other natural events – may be widespread enough to require governmental intervention. Your state’s emergency management agency might intervene, but in cases of widespread damage, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) may step in to assist.

In cases where thousands of people have become suddenly displaced, these agencies may provide shelter, but only for the short term, meaning only for a few days or weeks. Depending upon your circumstances or the extent of the damage, governmental agencies might provide funds that help to cover the cost of restoring your home or finding alternative lodgings.

Disaster Relief NGOs

When a major disaster strikes, sometimes local or national relief organizations provide essential services to the affected population. These organizations, called non-governmental organizations or NGOs, include the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, among others. They help survivors locate transitional housing and provide stores of food, clothing, and medical supplies when necessary. However, in the event of a more localized issue, such as a fire that only affects your home, you may find that charitable resources are more limited.

Insurance Coverage

If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance that offers fire or flood coverage, you may be entitled to long-term temporary housing while damages are repaired. This is often under the “loss of use” provision, and – depending upon the specific policy – might cover the bulk of your living expenses if your home has been deemed uninhabitable. There are three major factors to take into account with of loss of use coverage:

  • Reimbursement will only cover up to the equivalent of what you would typically spend living in your home.
  • Your coverage is for a finite length of time, so it might expire before you can move back into your home.
  • Your rental coverage will likely be for a living space of equivalent size.

Temporary Furnished Housing Post-Disaster

If you have insurance coverage that provides reimbursement for temporary rental housing, you may want to consider temporary furnished housing for yourself and your family in the event of a disaster. Also called corporate housing, temporary furnished housing is an excellent, budget-friendly resource for people who have been displaced for an undetermined length of time. Not only is corporate housing significantly less expensive than hotel accommodations, corporate housing provides all of the supplies and necessities of a fully functional home – necessities people who’ve endured a disaster probably won’t have.

Hopefully, you won’t have to endure a disaster that forces you out of your home, but furnished corporate housing might be one of your best options if you find yourself needing accommodations.

4 Common Myths About Corporate Housing

Most people aren’t familiar with corporate housing — also commonly called temporary furnished housing or short-term housing — but it’s a money-saving solution for people seeking affordable furnished accommodations for periods of one month or longer. However, there are still numerous misconceptions about temporary housing circulating throughout the internet. Here are a few of the most widely – yet erroneously – believed myths about furnished housing.

  1. Corporate housing is only for people relocating for business purposes. While temporary housing is also frequently called “corporate housing,” it isn’t strictly for corporate-affiliated business professionals. Anyone who needs monthly furnished accommodations can lease temporary housing for themselves and their families. If you are renovating your home or going on an extended vacation, temporary housing is a great option. Also, you might consider temporary housing if you’re a student or if you’re a part of a traveling acting company. You don’t really need a specific reason to choose temporary housing – simply needing a place to stay for a month or more is enough!

  2. Corporate housing is only for the long-term. Staying in a hotel for weeks or months at a time is not only costly, but inconvenient for people with children, since most major hotels are located in districts that aren’t particularly family-friendly. Corporate housing fills the gap between hotel/homestay options and multi-year apartment leases by offering lodging in community-oriented neighborhoods at a lower rate. This means that corporate housing is ideal for guests who need accommodations for one or two months, or even a year or more. In fact, some corporate housing is offered on a weekly or even nightly basis.

  3. Corporate housing doesn’t provide common household supplies. Corporate housing isn’t just an apartment with furniture – it’s a fully functioning home complete with every basic amenity needed to live comfortably. Everything is provided, including bed linens, bath towels, fully stocked kitchen with dishes and cooking supplies, entertainment center, internet connectivity, and even a washer/dryer. All you need are your clothes!

  4. Corporate housing is more expensive than hotels. A month-long stay in a corporate housing unit is equal to a two-week stay in a hotel room in terms of cost. Moreover, corporate housing units are far more spacious and comfortable than hotel rooms because they are fully equipped with functioning kitchens and all of the comforts of a home environment. There are also no add-on costs typically associated with hotel rooms, like fees for additional guests, mini-bar use or Wi-Fi.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, or if you just need lodging in your own city, corporate housing is a fantastic option for short-term and long-term accommodations. For more information about corporate housing in cities throughout the U.S., please visit the SoBENY home page.

Short-Term Corporate Housing for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, travel nurses and healthcare workers made up 6 percent of U.S. corporate housing occupancies. The need for travel nurses is expected to increase as rural community populations decrease, causing the number of hospitals and healthcare facilities in remote regions to diminish even as communities cope with the new health threat of the novel coronavirus. Mobile healthcare workers are essential to the wellbeing and quality of life in many rural communities, and they need flexible housing options that allow them to access these underserved populations easily.

What Is a Travel Nurse?

Travel nurses are healthcare providers who deliver their services to far-flung hospitals and medical facilities that require short-term staff. It is an attractive option for medical professionals who enjoy travel and who want to provide care to regions with deficiencies in healthcare resources.

Housing for travel nurses can vary quite a bit, and accommodations largely depend upon the resources provided by the agency through which they find assignments, particularly if they are new to the profession and aren’t experienced in the administrative aspects of the field. Some agencies work with excellent corporate housing providers, while others offer accommodations that are less-than-ideal.

However, some very good agencies provide a certain amount to travel nurses and allow them to find their accommodations. This housing may be a hotel for very short-term stays, or – for stays of 30 days or longer – traditional apartments or furnished corporate housing.

From a budgetary perspective, furnished corporate housing may be the best option, as it includes all of the amenities necessary to ensure a comfortable stay, including full kitchens, entertainment centers, comfortable furnishings, laundry rooms (some units offer a washer/dryer), and even gym facilities. Comparable features in a hotel are typically found at a far higher price point.

If you’re a travel nurse or mobile healthcare worker and seeking furnished corporate housing, here are a few things to consider when looking for monthly rentals:

  • Convenient location. The location must be a primary consideration when selecting a monthly furnished rental if you want to maximize efficiency. While monthly furnished housing is, on the whole, more affordable than a hotel room, if it requires a lengthy commute to work or if it isn’t near essential resources like grocery stores, you could wind up spending far more time and money that what is optimal.

  • Guest services. A service-focused corporate housing provider is essential. At SoBeNY, we offer guests in-depth knowledge of the cities and neighborhoods of all of our monthly rentals and are more than happy to help guests navigate a new city.

  • Monthly rental amenities. It’s important to find a corporate rental with amenities that fit your lifestyle and preferences. Not only should the rental feature all of the amenities you need to live comfortably, but it should also have the security and community resources to accommodate your needs. If you’re moving with your children, for example, your monthly rental should be in a community that is family-friendly and convenient to attractions and services like schools and play areas.

If you’re a travel nurse and need a reliable, affordable, and high-quality corporate housing option, you should look at your contract stipulations and see how you can ensure the best resources for your needs and budget. Selecting your monthly rentals could be an excellent money-saving solution.

Looking for an Extended Home Away from Home? Benefits of Month-to-Month Corporate Housing

While corporate housing is a widely used resource for corporations that transfer employees to different cities, it’s not nearly as popular with people seeking temporary housing for leisure trips or even as temporary accommodations during extensive home renovations. However, it’s a fantastic option for a diverse population of guests. Here are a few of the benefits of month-to-month corporate housing.

Month-to-Month Corporate Housing is Move-In Ready

Unlike traditional apartments that have to be furnished by the renter, or even hotel rooms that don’t offer all of the comforts and conveniences of a home, monthly corporate housing comes with all of the amenities you need to enjoy a relaxed, homey stay. Not only are corporate apartments furnished, but they also offer all of the supplies guests need for their comfort. These include kitchen appliances, utensils, and cookware, bed linens, laundry rooms, and an assortment of sundries. Monthly rentals are also highly secure and feature concierge service and even gyms.

Month-to-Month Corporate Housing Offers Flexible Leasing

Monthly corporate housing is a far more affordable option than comparably equipped hotels. While it is possible to stay in a hotel for months at a time, the costs are generally inflexible; hotels don’t usually offer discounts for longer stays. Moreover, guests can have their families or friends stay with them for a portion of the stay without paying additional fees.

Month-to-Month Corporate Housing Providers Connect Renters with the Perfect Accommodations Easily

Corporate housing providers can take the burden of finding the best rental off of your shoulders. SoBeNY offers in-depth knowledge of the cities where monthly corporate rentals are provided, providing guests with the perfect locations for their needs and lifestyle. Guests who need accommodations in a family-friendly neighborhood near a particular school district, or who want a rental in proximity to their job site can allow the SoBeNY representatives to connect them with the best options.

Month-to-Month Corporate Housing is Designed for a Variety of Living Situations

Corporate guests needing additional space for roommates can find it easily with furnished corporate housing. With large floor plans that are often more than twice the square footage of standard hotel rooms, corporate housing can provide comfortable accommodations for multiple guests while allowing them their privacy and space.

SoBeNY specializes in providing top-notch monthly corporate housing for a diverse population of guests. Whether you’re relocating with your family or simply need an apartment for yourself, SoBeNY can find you a rental that feels just like home.