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Are You a Travel Nurse? Corporate Housing Might Be the Best Solution for Your Housing Needs

If you’re a travel nurse, corporate housing could be a great solution for your accommodation requirements. Here are a few reasons why furnished corporate housing is an excellent option for travel nurses or anyone in the medical profession who needs to relocate quickly. SoBeNY offers furnished monthly temporary housing for travel nurses in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston, Seattle, Miami, Miami Beach, and Denver.

Healthcare industry professionals have found themselves straining to meet urgent medical needs in regions throughout the United States thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Finding an appropriate rental when you just don’t have the time or energy to search for temporary accommodations that suit your needs and professional obligations can be stressful and burdensome. Living in a hotel for an extended period of time isn’t a practical solution, either, since they can be extremely expensive and they don’t provide the kind of amenities that make long stays comfortable. This is why corporate housing might be the best option for travel nurses.

Here is why traveling medical professionals benefit from the convenience and low cost of furnished corporate housing.

Corporate housing is move-in ready.

Corporate housing comes with everything needed for a comfortable stay from the moment the renter first walks through the door. Not only do corporate apartments come fully furnished, but they have also all of their utilities already set up, so renters don’t have to have Wi-Fi, electricity, and water turned on.

Corporate housing doesn’t require a long-term lease.

You don’t have to sign a year-long or even a two-year lease to move into corporate housing. You are free to stay in the furnished apartment on a month-to-month lease, so travel nurses are free to stay for a few weeks or as long as a year. Corporate housing offers excellent flexibility for people who might need to relocate quickly.

Corporate housing doesn’t charge broker fees.

Corporate housing is far more affordable than standard hotels considering all of the amenities offered, but the absence of broker fees makes the move-in costs exceptionally low.

Corporate housing offers full kitchens with appliances.

Another money-saving aspect of furnished corporate apartments is the fact that they are equipped with full kitchens, so renters don’t have to rely upon restaurants or takeout, which becomes expensive over time. Furnished corporate apartments feature dishes, cooking supplies like pots and pans, dishwashers, glasses, and more.

Corporate housing is conveniently located near medical centers.

Travel nurses don’t have to worry about navigating heavy traffic or long commutes from home to work when staying in corporate apartments. Most corporate apartments are located in neighborhoods that are situated near major city services.

Corporate housing includes Wi-Fi and utilities.

The majority of hotels charge for Wi-Fi access that is often slow, spotty, and unsecured. Corporate housing includes Wi-Fi services – and utilities – in the monthly cost, and they’re fully functional the day the renter moves in.

Corporate housing check-in is fast and easy.

Corporate housing offers a standardized procedure for checking into the units that’s easy and quick. Nevertheless, even if you have trouble on move-in day, when you check into your furnished rental, you are given access to full customer support helping you through the process.

Corporate housing is secure and clean.

Corporate housing is deep cleaned between guests, and offers excellent ventilation that flushes out airborne particulates effectively and reliably. The complexes also offer excellent security features, from secure parking lots to patrolling guards.

If you are a travel nurse, corporate housing might be an excellent option for your lifestyle and needs. To learn more about SoBeNY furnished corporate housing options, please visit our information page.

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