What You'll Love About SoBeNY. Just a couple of things we’ve heard over and over again.

SoBeNY is a national hospitality company providing luxury accommodations for short term travel in core urban destinations and highly traveled cities nationwide. It's focus on high-end accommodations, customer service, and an easy customer friendly experience has made it a leader in the fast growing hotel alternative space.

Wow This Was Better Than A Hotel Room

“There’s no place like home…” was just a movie line to some; but for us it was an inspiration for create something better. It’s awesome to be where you want to be without compromising; with SoBeNY you can accomplish just that. So, go ahead close your eyes and tap your heels a few times, we’ll see you when you get here “

You Choose The Time Frame

A few days or a month, you decide what you need, let our place take care of everything else. Rest, play, launchpad, we can be it all.

It’s Just Better In The City

We want you to be close to everything you need, but still be able to get away if that’s what you desire. So, we chose locations that offer the best of both worlds.

Best In Class Customer Service

Questions about checking in? Where’s the Light Switch? We have got you covered!

I’m Here, Now What?

Let our guide book guide you. We’ll direct you to the best things to do while you’re in town, and you find an untapped hotspot, we’ll add it to the list with and highlight you for your contributions. (Only if that’s ok with you.)

Staying With Us Means Never Having To Ask, “Can I?”

That's what being "your home in the heart of it all…” means! Staying with SoBeNY means the place is yours for as long as you need it.