6 Reasons Why Month-to-Month Corporate Housing Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

While you can’t – and shouldn’t – blame your accommodations for an unhealthy lifestyle, your living situation does contribute significantly to your health. If you have to relocate for business, leisure, or just a life change, moving into a hotel for a multi-week or months-long stay could contribute to some bad habits.

Hotels aren’t ideal for extended stays for a variety of reasons, but they aren’t great for your physical health, either. Here are six reasons why month-to-month corporate housing is a far healthier alternative.

You can eat better.

When you stay in hotels, it is really easy to rely upon restaurants, fast food, and room service for sustenance. Month-to-month furnished rentals, however, offer fully supplied kitchen spaces, with a refrigerator, cookware, stove, microwave, dishes, cutlery – everything you need to cook your healthy meals. Not only can you better control your food intake, but you can also save significant amounts of money simply by eating at home!

You can exercise easily.

Furnished corporate housing gives you the space to work out daily – you can stream workout videos in the living area, or go for a walk or run in the neighborhood. You have the option of selecting a location that is community-oriented and conducive to taking your dog for a stroll. You can even select accommodations with a gym in the building, or even a pool.

Spend time outdoors.

Well-located corporate housing not only helps encourage habits that keep you fit, but there are emotional benefits, too. Hotels are typically located in high-traffic regions with a lot of city noise, but month-to-month housing can be found in quieter, more family-friendly communities with greater access to green spaces and parks.

According to several studies in the emerging field of ecotherapy, spending time outdoors can significantly improve mood. If you select a corporate rental in a region with a high walkability rating, you can easily and conveniently walk to nearby shops and services, helping to release endorphins and neurotransmitters that can improve mood and reduce stress.

You can enjoy more space.

Standard hotel rooms can start to feel cramped very quickly, which can harm your emotional health. Furnished corporate housing is far roomier, allowing guests to stretch out in the living area, kitchen, balcony or yard, and bedroom without feeling claustrophobic.

You are staying in a home-like environment.

The feeling of being at home – being safe and comfortable – is crucially important in managing stress and anxiety. If you’ve relocated for business and have a taxing, fast-paced job, staying in a calm and homey environment can help you decompress after a difficult day.

You can sleep better.

Sleeping in a hotel room is difficult – the walls are thin, making every conversation or TV perfectly audible when you’re trying to get to sleep. Even the light from the hallway illuminating through the crack in the door can be a hindrance. In furnished corporate housing, you’re in a private, quiet space where you can unwind and enjoy restful, regenerative sleep.

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