4 Common Myths About Corporate Housing

Most people aren’t familiar with corporate housing — also commonly called temporary furnished housing or short-term housing — but it’s a money-saving solution for people seeking affordable furnished accommodations for periods of one month or longer. However, there are still numerous misconceptions about temporary housing circulating throughout the internet. Here are a few of the most widely – yet erroneously – believed myths about furnished housing.

  1. Corporate housing is only for people relocating for business purposes. While temporary housing is also frequently called “corporate housing,” it isn’t strictly for corporate-affiliated business professionals. Anyone who needs monthly furnished accommodations can lease temporary housing for themselves and their families. If you are renovating your home or going on an extended vacation, temporary housing is a great option. Also, you might consider temporary housing if you’re a student or if you’re a part of a traveling acting company. You don’t really need a specific reason to choose temporary housing – simply needing a place to stay for a month or more is enough!
  2. Corporate housing is only for the long-term. Staying in a hotel for weeks or months at a time is not only costly, but inconvenient for people with children, since most major hotels are located in districts that aren’t particularly family-friendly. Corporate housing fills the gap between hotel/homestay options and multi-year apartment leases by offering lodging in community-oriented neighborhoods at a lower rate. This means that corporate housing is ideal for guests who need accommodations for one or two months, or even a year or more. In fact, some corporate housing is offered on a weekly or even nightly basis.
  3. Corporate housing doesn’t provide common household supplies. Corporate housing isn’t just an apartment with furniture – it’s a fully functioning home complete with every basic amenity needed to live comfortably. Everything is provided, including bed linens, bath towels, fully stocked kitchen with dishes and cooking supplies, entertainment center, internet connectivity, and even a washer/dryer. All you need are your clothes!
  4. Corporate housing is more expensive than hotels. A month-long stay in a corporate housing unit is equal to a two-week stay in a hotel room in terms of cost. Moreover, corporate housing units are far more spacious and comfortable than hotel rooms because they are fully equipped with functioning kitchens and all of the comforts of a home environment. There are also no add-on costs typically associated with hotel rooms, like fees for additional guests, mini-bar use or Wi-Fi.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, or if you just need lodging in your own city, corporate housing is a fantastic option for short-term and long-term accommodations. For more information about corporate housing in cities throughout the U.S., please visit the SoBENY home page.