3 Reasons Why Corporate Month-To-Month Rentals Are Superior to Hotels

Monthly furnished rentals are infinitely better than hotel rooms for the simple reason that they are completely functioning homes without the added inconvenience of moving in your belongings and moving them out again when the lease expires. However, while this is a major benefit, there are still three other factors that make corporate housing a far better option for longer stays than hotels.


Staying in furnished corporate housing affords significantly more privacy than a stay in a hotel room. Although you do have the option of using cleaning services for your furnished corporate rental, you have the advantage of meeting the house cleaner and scheduling services on your timeline. Hotels provide daily cleaning services and staff might enter your room even if your do not disturb sign is up, so you have to constantly lock up your belongings. There is never total privacy in a hotel.

Moreover, hotel walls are notoriously thin. If you have a rambunctious neighbor who enjoys partying or even watching TV in the dead of night, you’re going to hear it.


Furnished corporate housing offers far more space than standard hotel rooms. With complete kitchen areas (fully stocked with dishes, cutlery, and cookware), living area, and bedrooms, you can stretch out and enjoy your lodgings just as you would in your home. Even if you decide to bring guests, you have the option of finding a space big enough for you both to feel comfortable.

It may be cost-effective to find a multi-bedroom unit and stay with a houseguest, as family-style corporate housing typically has the most competitive pricing.


Corporate housing units are far less expensive than hotel rooms if you’re planning an extended stay. The standard rate for a one month stay in furnished corporate housing is roughly equal to a two-week stay in a hotel.

Not only is the price of the rental unit itself less expensive than a hotel room if you’re staying for several weeks or months, but you also don’t have the added expense of eating out at restaurants or room service because you can cook for yourself in the fully stocked kitchen. Additionally, there are no service fees that can mount up, like fees for entertainment or Wi-Fi or the minibar.

Regardless of whether you need lodging for business purposes, pleasure, or if you’re just undergoing a life change and need a temporary place to live, furnished corporate housing beats out hotels on every level.