4 Facts About Corporate Housing You Probably Didn’t Know

While many people who have relocated for business or personal reasons are aware of the advantages of furnished corporate housing, there are nonetheless several factors that many potential renters might not know about. Here are a few facts about corporate housing that might influence your decisions about accommodations the next time you travel.

Corporate housing offers both short-term and long-term rental options.

While many renters opt for furnished apartment accommodations for months-long stays, there are also corporate housing options that allow for weekly stays, also. (SoBeNY offers short-term rental options in certain cities on a nightly basis,)

Corporate housing isn’t just for corporate purposes.

The name “corporate housing” may lead people to believe that full-service furnished rentals are restricted to renters who are affiliated with particular businesses. While many corporations rent unit blocks for employees being transferred to different cities, corporate housing is available to anyone, regardless of whether they are being relocated by an employer. People rent furnished apartments when they go on extended vacations, when their own homes are undergoing extensive renovations, or if they’re relocating for any reason – such as a divorce or separation.

Corporate housing can save renters money in the long-term.

Corporate housing – also called short-term rentals or furnished apartments – can cut down on significant expenses when all of the available amenities are factored in. Amenities included in the cost of corporate housing rentals include:

  • Wi-Fi and internet connectivity
  • Fitness center/pool
  • Washer/dryer
  • Housekeeping services
  • Premium cable packages
  • Parking

Additionally, renters do not have to pay hotel taxes, nor are there hidden fees and charges that can mount up when staying at hotels. Long-term hotel stays range from 30-50 percent more expensive than corporate housing.

Corporate housing is a healthier alternative to hotel stays.

Because furnished corporate housing offers kitchen space with cooking supplies, dishes, utensils, an oven/range, and refrigerator, renters don’t have to rely upon dining out for meals. Cooking healthy options and keeping fresh fruits and vegetables stocked helps renters stick to their dietary programs, and because many corporate housing options also have fitness centers, guests have the opportunity to exercise on their timelines as frequently as they wish.

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Why Corporate Housing is an Excellent Choice for Healthcare Workers

Travel is frequently a requirement for healthcare workers, and it can be difficult for people unable or unwilling to sign a year-long lease to find accommodations. While hotels might seem like viable options, they can be prohibitively expensive, and they don’t offer the peace and quiet healthcare workers need after a long and tiring day. There are home-share options, but they are also on the pricey side, and don’t reliably accommodate renters who need month-to-month lodgings.

Corporate housing offers cost-effective furnished housing for both the short and long-terms, offering traveling medical workers excellent resources when called to render services throughout the U.S. Here’s why.

Furnished corporate housing is ready for move-in on day one.

Corporate housing is not only furnished, it comes with all of the accessories tenants need to live comfortably, including kitchen supplies, linens, towels, and much more. All anyone needs to set up their home is their own wardrobe (and perhaps groceries)!

Furnished corporate housing does not require a long-term lease.

New apartments require signing a lease of one or more years, and breaking a lease can be challenging and costly. It is completely impractical to expect a traveling medical professional to enter such an agreement when the terms of employment are often significantly shorter. Corporate housing offers rental agreements as short as a week and as long as a year (often longer), so renters get tremendous flexibility.

Short-term furnished housing offers convenient locations.

While hotels are often located in tourist destinations, corporate housing can be found in proximity to medical facilities, often within walking distance, next to convenient public transportation, or only a short drive. This is highly advantageous for healthcare workers committed to working long hours.

Corporate housing includes Wi-Fi and utilities.

Renters don’t have to set up their own Wi-Fi connections or have utility or phone services turned on – it’s all included in the price of the rental, and it’s up and running on move-in day with no additional effort required on the part of the tenant.

Check-in is fast and easy.

The system for checking in to furnished corporate housing is simple; the corporate housing team offers detailed instructions for moving in prior to move-in day, and the staff is always ready to assist if there are any problems or concerns.

Furnished housing is a home-away-from-home!

Traveling healthcare workers need security and comfort when they aren’t in the field, and corporate housing offers a level of relaxation, quiet, and hominess that hotels simply can’t provide. With additional available amenities including housekeeping services and in-unit washer and dryer available, tenants have all the resources they need to enjoy a wonderful stay.

SoBeNY offers furnished corporate housing perfect for traveling healthcare workers or any renter seeking relocation for work obligations. To find an excellent short-term furnished apartment, please visit our information page to learn more about the rental process.

Working from Home? How Corporate Apartments Offer Fantastic Workspace Options

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the number of people working from home is higher than ever, and many organizations do not have immediate plans to transition back to the standard in-office 9-5 model. While most workers have attempted to make their own homes suitable for the new reality, family obligations, children, neighbors, and other distractions can make completing work obligations challenging. Renting a corporate apartment for work-at-home purposes may be an excellent option for people who need space to perform work tasks remotely.

Corporate apartment rentals are under increasing pressure to offer spaces that enable working from home, with secure wireless connectivity and sufficient room to make performing work-related tasks easy and seamless. Retrofitting short-term and long-term furnished rentals with the appropriate amenities is critical to attracting tenants in this uncertain post-pandemic climate.

Corporate furnished housing must have dedicated workspaces with, ideally, separate rooms with a desk and file cabinets. Providing renters with the necessary work-related resources will allow them to focus on completing work tasks without making significant adjustments to the space.

A digital workspace featuring ergonomic furnishings will give renters the tools they need to work long hours in relative comfort without experiencing distractions. Ergonomic furnishings can help tenants avoid musculoskeletal distress from sitting for hours at a time, and ergonomic design can help make performing in-office tasks more efficient.

Incorporating a digital scanner and even a printer is particularly helpful, as it allows tenants who are working from home a convenient resource for uploading important documents without having to find a copier center where such tasks can be performed. This saves renters a huge amount of time and money.

While a good entertainment center probably isn’t considered an essential component for a home office, it can be extremely helpful for many renters. Whether they prefer to listen to music as they work or need a good sound system or HD TV to perform entertainment industry-related tasks, having quality equipment can make work easier and more enjoyable.

Organization is critical for performing tasks efficiently, and having a workspace that allows for precise filing systems is a definite plus. In addition to filing cabinetry and shelving, things like wall-mounted boards – white boards or cork boards – can help tenants easily visualize tasks and organize their work product.

A comforting and visually appealing space is also important, as having elements that make the environment pleasant and comfortable can reduce stress and even increase productivity. Having plants in a workspace has been shown to inspire feelings of calm and wellbeing.

SoBeNY offers a variety of corporate housing options that cater to a diverse assortment of professionals who need work-at-home space. To find the best furnished apartment for short or long-term rental, please visit our information page to learn more about our suite of residencies.